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Outback Origins

The herding dog, also known as a stock or cow dog, was developed to help control and move herds of cows in from pasture, through holding pens and into trailers to go to market. These dogs have a natural ability to control the movement of large animals, whether by nipping at their heels, barking or circling around them. Their special herding talents and work ethic make them a farmer's invaluable partner with moving livestock.

Herding breeds are born with an instinctive tendency to herd, since most contemporary herding dogs live as companion animals, not workers, they may never encounter cattle needing to be driven or a flock of sheep. You may have noticed your own herding dog's impulse to "round things up" when they nudge you toward the feeding dish, push the cat away from a favorite napping spot, or stop your child from going out into the street. A little basic training will cultivate his natural ability to work for you.