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What is an ACDCU Jubilee?




Not just another dog show but so much more.

The Jubilee was created on the idea that why can’t everyone who owns, loves, breeds, works, and shows this amazing breed come together without
the issues of clic’s or special groups being in the way of their enjoying an event together?
An event that could celebrate all the aspects an Australian Cattle Dog could be? A dock diving fanatic to a hard working cattleman's tool, and when cleaned up a fine show dog.

Many events existed for each but not one for all, not an event that didn’t care what your economic background was or who you knew, or how long you had been “in” the breed.
No we envisioned a welcoming event that stripped away all the pretense of those things and just focused on our love for the breed.

I was an ambitious idea for a start up club with little resources but with the urging of or members we set a goal to try and do one, a true Jubilee.
As we were trying to do something that hadn’t been done before we thought why not go for it all, big prizes big events and more.
What was the worst that could happen? We would fail? Yes but if we did fail it would be for all the right reasons because we wanted to include everyone into this celebration and have those
from the left side of the tracks talk with those from the right side of the tracks, those who wore cowboy hats and had mud under their nails hang out with those who dressed up big and ran around a show ring, all because of the breed they all loved the Australian Cattle Dog.

Our prizes had to be bigger , our entries needed to be large, the logistics would likely cause an issue for a small new club, but we pressed on and set the date for the first ever Jubilee.
To advance forward some and say the first one was a success would be a big understatement in fact the first one was so incredibly successful we thought we would would try again and the yearly Jubilee event was born.

Several years later and the Jubilee event grows and grows with its core goals continuing to prosper and that was and is to bring everyone together from all over the country and the world for the love of the breed to celebrate with each other this unique and challenging breed , The Australian Cattle Dog.

If you have been to every Jubilee since the first one or have never come we welcome you to join us for Jubilee week.
The Jubilee will move around to different locations as voted on by membership shortly after the end of the current years event. Everyone is welcome to come members and non members alike, most all events are no cost to watch and be a part of with some events being AKC events and requiring registration etc but we are happy to assist you into your first event, possibly to get you hooked on some cool fun thing you and your dogs can do together.
The Jubilee every year sees people who for the first time, watch their dog dock dive, navigate a rally course, become a certified farm dog and yes even get into the show ring for the very first time !

Look on this website and our facebook page for details on the current years event and don’t miss it.


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